A judgement was handed down on the 27 June 2013 resulting from an application by Derbyshire CC for a judicial review of the decision of the High Peaks Magistrates' Court to award costs to Kate Marlow in respect of her action against Derbyshire under s 130A Highways Act 1980. The application was denied and costs are to be awarded to Kate Marlow.

Having formed Highway Law Services on 1st September 2010, Jenny Trevor has successfully registered, after having had her references checked, as an expert witness on the Sweet and Maxwell Legal Hub Directory of Expert Witnesses.

This means that her expertise in the field of highways (including footpaths, bridleways, byways, cycle tracks), the writing of complex reports and her knowledge of the processes relating to the making of highway and traffic related statutory orders has now been accepted by the legal establishment.

Her experience in both the private and public sector, working for members of the public and local authorities alike, stands her in good stead to take on any commissions relating to highways, whether through planning or environmental matters, up and down the country.

For further details, advice or assistance contact

Jenny Trevor on +44(0)2071932053 or go to 'contacts us'

Another successfully vetted registration for Jenny Trevor on the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

This further confirms her expertise in the field of highways, including public rights of way (ie footpaths, bridleways, byways, restricted byways and cycle tracks), her experience at researching historic maps and complex documentation together with her knowledge of the processes relating to the making of highway and traffic related statutory orders.

After two and a half years and a hard fought battle, we have defeated an unfounded claim to have a public footpath Modification Order confirmed where no public footpath exists and never has.

Jenny spent two and a half years in her role as expert assisting her clients in objecting to a proposed Modification Order which, if confirmed, would have added a public footpath to the Definitive Map and Statement making it a publicly maintainable highway.