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Once again many thanks for all your help in bringing this matter to a successful outcome.

T Humphries, Bickleigh - 7 January 2015


We were very happy with the service provided. The reports were in a clear and easy to follow format. When further information was required, you were able to provide it without delay.

I believe that in relation to this case, there were a number of factors which helped reach settlement and your report helped support our claim. Without it, we could not have proceeded with the claim as far as we had.

If I need any help of this nature in the future, I will revert to you.

Adrian Foulkes - 13 June 2014

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins, Solicitors, Mid Wales House, Great Oak Street, Llanidloes, Powys SY18 6BN


For the past two years your initial highways law report and continuing comments have been a vital & central part of my case against [the council]. I have always been impressed by the depth & clarity of you analysis & advice and have been encouraged by your commitment to my case.

Nicholas Salt, Wales - 14 February 2014


Jenny Trevor managed to overturn the council’s initial rejection of my planning proposal that was incorrectly blocked on highway safety grounds. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon and can state her professional views unequivocally but in such a way that strategically the onus is on the other party to substantiate their position.

I found Mrs Trevor’s fees very reasonable and I appreciated her willingness to keep me informed of the likely costs.I would not hesitate to recommend her company: she pursued my case over many months providing good advice as to the prospects, eventually providing the necessary professional consultation advice for the council to reconsider my planning application, which can be viewed online referenceSDNP/13/04581/FUL

Anonomous - 12 February 2014


Congratulations on your win !!! I am going to tell everyone about your professionalism and how you got us through all this. I will recommend your services whenever I can. You are the best Jenny (so is Emma)

J Palmer, Wales - 28 September 2013


It was a pleasure working with you and I found your instructions clear and pertinent. The documents were all well prepared and you were always quick to respond to any questions.

I found you very professional, but approachable as well.

Emma Dring, Cornerstone Barristers, 2-3 Gray's Inn Square, London, WC1R 5JH

11 September 2013


Jenny Trevor provided us with a thorough response to a particular difficult highway boundary issue. Her depth of knowledge and conclusions were well presented within the time and allocated budget.

Anonomous - 2 August 2013


We recently retained Highway Law Services to review documentary evidence (largely map based) in a case where the Order making authority were directed to make an order under Section 53(2) (b) Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to add two connecting bridleways to the definitive map.

Jenny Trevor undertook a meticulous review of the map evidence; carried extensive research to bring together differing views as to how many of the maps are to be interpreted and provided a report which formed the basis of our clients’ statement of case in the appeal against the making of the order.

The Inspector concluded that the evidence when taken as a whole was not of sufficient weight for him to conclude that, on the balance of probabilities, a public right of way subsisted. In our view he could not have come to that conclusion without the reasoned and well argued report put forward by Jenny which formed the basis for our clients’ statement of case.

The work undertaken by Highway Law Services was carried out to a strict timetable; with attention to detail and we would not hesitate to use Highway Law Services in the future.

Joanna Lilliott, Solicitor, Planning & Development Team Holmes & Hills LLP, Bocking End, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9AJ
01 August 2012


Regarding a proposed footpath through our property, we had been fighting with the Council for several years resisting the application, but despite all the evidence presented to disprove the existence of this alleged footpath, and numerous procedural errors by the applicant and Council, the Council seemed determine to "bulldoze" the application through.

Consequently, we consulted with "Highway Law Services" to initially assess the validity of the application, and based upon their assessment, then engaged their services to oppose the application on our behalf. This matter is still on-going.

We have found "Highway Law Services" to have a complete and thorough knowledge of what is a very complex area of law, knowing what the exact legal position is, and the evidence that needs to be assembled to present a comprehensive case.

Their dealings with the Council have been robust, resisting their bullying tactics and resistance to provide all information.

The quality of the report presenting our Objection to the Modification Order, was detailed, comprehensive and factual. It was extremely well written, and presented in a professional manner - a quality report.

I cannot fault the work and dedication provided by "Highway Law Services"

K&B Chiddle, Wales - 30 July 2012


I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your invaluable help with regard to the Council's application to stop-up the highway that we use to access our property.

As you know, prior to me contacting you, my own solicitor had handled the matter and, admittedly, this area of the law was outside of her area of expertise. Through her, I then consulted with a specialist Barrister who, clearly, did not have your level of knowledge of Highway Law and who, actually, advised us, incorrectly, that the Council might be able to force-through their plans.

So, getting in touch with you was a godsend! Your advice was clear, accurate and helpful and you immediately put my wife and my minds at ease.

What was clear, from when we first spoke, was how badly the Council had prepared their stopping-up application and, surprisingly, how lacking in knowledge they were. You gave me the knowledge to argue my case forcefully and firmly.

Thank you once again for your most valuable help. Without you guiding us, we may well have followed the Barrister's 'advice' and accepted a deal which would have blighted our house.

S Cutting: East Yorkshire. 5 July 2012


Jenny Trevor's knowledge, experience and expert advice is robust, detailed and clear. Jenny's professional no nonsense approach brought clarity and peace of mind to my Highway dispute. Her research abilities, attention to detail and report writing is exemplary. I cannot recommend Jenny Trevor highly enough. Her work cuts to the heart of Highway Law matters and establishes facts and hard evidence. Jenny Trevor brought logic and gravitas to my proceedings. Jenny is passionate about her work and is a joy to work with.

K Marlow: Derbyshire. 18 Jan 2012


I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Highway Law Services in resolving the issue. I would also add that I considered the costs to be very reasonable. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services should the occasion arise.

J Beer: Devon. 9 Jan 2012


What can we say, we are delighted. Criticism is hard to come up with. We would like to express our thanks for your handling of our query. The whole project was handled by your team in a sympathetic, yet wholly professional manner; which resulted in a high quality report that was easily understandable to us yet contained all the necessary factual information to complete Phase 1 of our investigation---the establishment of the legal facts. We found it particularly useful where, as the investigation proved more complex than originally thought by either party, your regular e-mail updates, on progress to date and where you were going next, kept us in touch. Also useful was that having accepted your estimate for the assumed simple task, you kept us informed when approaching our price limits, thus enabling us to control the finances and choose whether to back out or increase your funding allowance. The final report fully justifies our decisions to go along with your requests for extra funding allocations. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone with a “Highway Law” problem, and you may use this letter as a reference for prospective clients (both private and company). Should any of these wish to discuss our experiences with us, please pass on our contact details

D Speirs: Devon. 20 Jan 2012