The Requirement:

A cycle track is a way over which the public have a right of use with a pedal cycle, with or without a right of way on foot.

The power to construct a cycle track is given to all highway authorities under the Highways Act 1980.

The Cycle Tracks Act 1984 and associated Regulations give powers to the highway authority to convert public footpaths into cycle tracks where the use is either shared or segregated.

A bridleway can be created, in certain circumstances, over an existing route of a footpath to provide for cycle use.

Lanes within the carriageway of a road are 'cycle lanes' that may or may not exclude other vehicles.


The Team Capability and Experience:

  • Advise on the implications of the chosen procedure;

  • Assistance with drafting statutory orders in compliance with regulatory requirements (whether a conversion order, a public path order, modification order or a traffic regulation order);

  • Assistance with the consultation process;

  • Assistance with preparation for public inquiry;

  • Provision of expert witness services for public inquiry;

  • Assistance with final implementation of cycle track schemes.


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